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Alerian Insights

Just Happened: NiSource Analyst Day

I’m out of the office right now at a , so I’ve been getting all my news remotely about the NiSource (NI) analyst day. I have to say, I’m bummed that I missed being with the other stat nerds at Alerian when we got news of another MLP filing an S-1 and the split of a...

Monday Mailbag: Taxman, Part 2

With the Treasury Department reviewing potential tax issues, what effect do you expect this to have on MLPs? The Treasury Department has always had a giant list of potential tax issues to review. So f...

Just Happened: Deloitte National PTP Conference – Take Me Out to the Ballgame

At the beginning of September, two Japanese high schools played a 50-inning baseball game that lasted four days. As a rookie on the Alerian team, I’ve had many opportunities to learn about the MLP ...

By the Numbers: The Alerian Effect – Entering Names on the Announcement Date

The phones at Alerian definitely ring a lot more during quarterly rebalancing months (March, June, September, and December). For those that don’t have the rebalancing schedule memorized by heart: On...

Monday Mailbag: Taxman

I heard that the government is no longer allowing new MLPs. Is this true? A lot of people write headlines to sell papers. What actually happened is that on March 28th, the IRS released a statement ind...

Alerian Interviews: EQT Midstream

With 120 MLP operating entities, competition can be fierce for an MLP to join the Alerian Index Series. Current constituents have passed various market capitalization, adjusted market capitalization, ...

Visual Data: Treemaps

What does it mean that Enterprise is the largest MLP? How much larger is it? What’s the next largest? And the one after that? How much impact do newer MLPs have on the size of the space? Sometimes, ...
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