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Alerian Insights

By the Numbers: The Alerian Exit Effect

In part 1 of our “By the Numbers: The Alerian Effect” series, we highlighted how names entering the Alerian MLP Index (AMZ) and Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index (AMZI) outperform the respective index on the date of the  by an average of 316 bps. We also discussed how the outperformance is magnified for names joining the...

Just Happened: DCP Midstream Analyst Day

I was supposed to write this post two weeks ago, but then the MLP market went haywire and we decided that fielding stakeholder calls and emails was of greater importance at the time. So while the DCP ...

Monday Mailbag: I Want to Buy the Alerian

Without fail, the following two conversations occur at least once a week here at Alerian, both of which begin with completely valid questions. (Admittedly, I didn’t know indices weren’t investable...

Greatest Hits: MLP IPOs

The number of MLP IPOs in any given year depends on a number of factors, including macroeconomic performance, openness of equity capital markets, and new private letter rulings issued by the IRS. Duri...

Monday Mailbag: Marshall Islands

I often hear of the Marshall Islands in connection with MLPs. Where are the Marshall Islands? The Marshall Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Philippines. Most shipping MLPs are con...

What Happened: A Fresh Start

For football fans across the country, September is perceived as a fresh start. Every team has an untarnished record, and the hope that greatness lies ahead permeates the dreams of enthusiasts from coa...

Just Happened: Enbridge Analyst Day

Like Teekay Corporation (TK), Calgary-based Enbridge Inc (ENB) is a parent company with several publicly traded subsidiaries that decided to host an analyst day . Unlike TK, however, ENB views its ...
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