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Alerian Insights

Alerian Featured: ETF Report – The Die-Hard Appeal of MLPs with Kenny Feng

Oil prices may be tanking, and a key player has recently abandoned the MLP structure, but appeal of the space among income-hungry investors continues unabated, says Kenny Feng, President and CEO of Alerian. Read ETF Report’s recent interview with Kenny titled “The Die-Hard Appeal of MLPs.”

Just Happened: AltaGas Analyst Day

While unable to attend the AltaGas (TSX: ALA) Analyst Day in person, I still appreciate that it was held in November, before it gets truly cold in Canada. AltaGas has three main business segments: mid...

What Happened: Conspiracy Theories Abound in November

Every month, we look back to see what happened, why it happened, and who said what about it. We include any interesting data points, as well as analysis of any sales, mergers, price movements, announc...

Alerian Explains: Emerge Energy Services

Alerian examines the performance of a company over the past year and attempts to explain what may have inspired or frightened investors into the moves they made. (Something beyond the glib “more buy...

Just Happened: SXL and RGP Analyst Day

The Energy Transfer Family of Partnerships analyst meetings were held over the course of two days: Regency Energy Partners (RGP) and Sunoco Logistics Partners (SXL) on Day 1. Energy Transfer Partners ...

Monday Mailbag: Election Edition

In the weeks surrounding the elections, I was repeatedly asked what affect a GOP-controlled Senate would have on MLPs, Keystone XL, pipeline regulation, export trade agreements, and so on. Here are my...

Just Happened: Global Partners Analyst Day

Global Partners (GLP) held their Investor Day in Portland on November 11. Here are a few of our favorite slides from the presentation....
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