Alerian Insights

Alerian Insights

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Alerian was built on the idea that a really smart, friendly, willing-to-pitch-in person is an incredible asset to the firm. What’s it like to work here? We have no internal dress code but wear suits—cowboy boots optional—for external meetings. All employees have incredibly high standards when it comes to ethics and integrity. We may be a young firm, but we celebrate diversity and have a kitchen stocked with healthy snacks (and sometimes Cheetos).

Visual Data: The One-Minute MLP Primer

And with that clickbait title, here's the one-minute investment case for MLPs. Feel free to share this infographic with all of your busy friends who can't be bothered to read prose. You know what they...

By the Numbers: Increasing Legislative Risk for MLPs?

Alerian details when you should start to panic about energy legislation....

What Happened: As Goes January, So Goes the Year?

Projections, production, distributions, oh my! Who’s buying, who’s selling, what happened, and all the juicy January gossip....

Just Happened: Dominion Analyst Day

If you’re invested in MLPs for their current income, then Dominion Midstream Partners (DM) is not for you. The company’s 1.75% yield as of Friday’s close is lower than both the S&P 500 and 10-ye...

By the Numbers: Distributions in Jeopardy?

Many investors assume that MLPs pay stable and growing distributions. While that’s generally true, the two are not synonymous. Along with their C Corp counterparts, MLPs in the upstream subsector ha...

Just Happened: Spectra Analyst Day

It must feel good when your stock trades up 4.4% on the day that you host your analyst meeting. Executives are excited that investors like their plan for the future, IR personnel are happy that their ...
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