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Alerian Insights

Just Happened: SXL and RGP Analyst Day

The Energy Transfer Family of Partnerships analyst meetings were held over the course of two days: Regency Energy Partners (RGP) and Sunoco Logistics Partners (SXL) on Day 1. Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), Energy Transfer Equity (ETE), and Sunoco LP (SUN) on Day 2. Here’s a recap of Day 1.

Monday Mailbag: Election Edition

In the weeks surrounding the elections, I was repeatedly asked what affect a GOP-controlled Senate would have on MLPs, Keystone XL, pipeline regulation, export trade agreements, and so on. Here are my...

Just Happened: Global Partners Analyst Day

Global Partners (GLP) held their Investor Day in Portland on November 11. Here are a few of our favorite slides from the presentation....

What Happened: The Spookiest October?

In October, investors drove home the point that MLPs are equities. They panicked about the price of oil, despite unchanged MLP fundamentals. Then again, they scooped up the shiny new MLPs. Even given ...

Monday Mailbag: Methodology Changes

Monday Mailbag answers the questions received from industry stakeholders either on phone calls, in email, or during meetings. Last Friday, we updated the methodology guide for the AMZI. Here are the q...

Alerian Interviews: MarkWest Energy Partners

We know that successful companies are not grown overnight. The “This Aint My First Rodeo” interview series features executives that have been at their company for at least 10 years. This month, Fr...

Alerian Explains: The EnLink Family

Talk about a roller coaster of time. Not only during the month of October, but even in the past year for EnLink Midstream. One year ago, Crosstex combined its assets with the midstream business of De...
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