Alerian Insights

Alerian Insights

Visual Data: Treemaps

What does it mean that Enterprise is the largest MLP? How much larger is it? What’s the next largest? And the one after that? How much impact do newer MLPs have on the size of the space? Sometimes, numbers alone aren’t the easiest to understand and all we can see is the code. This month,...

Mailbag Monday: We Have Liftoff

Wait, you mean you have indices beyond the AMZ? Yes indeed. While the Alerian MLP Index (AMZ) is our flagship index and the leading gauge of large- and mid-cap energy MLPs, we have other indices. The ...

Alerian Explains: The Kinder Family

 December 3, 2013. Kinder Morgan releases guidance for its family of companies that was generally below sell-side analysts’ expectations. EPB’s distribution, , is expected to be flat for 2014....

Greatest Hits: MLP Distributions Outpace GDP

Alerian is frequently asked to qualify MLP distribution growth numbers. What do they mean in a larger context? How does MLP distribution growth compare to the growth of the broader economy? Is there a...

Monday Mailbag: Shhh! It’s a Quiet Period!

When does Alerian enter its quiet period? We enter our quiet period beginning at market close two weeks before each quarterly rebalancing date. Since quarterly rebalancings take place on the third Fri...

Research Spotlight: General Partners, Part 1

The Big Idea: The 2005-2006 time period saw a sudden rise in MLP GP IPOs. Why? Then, in 2009-2010, why was there a barrage of MLP GP buybacks? Everyone who can get to the track can bet on horse races....

What Happened: School Shopping

Anyone who has read anything about MLPs in the past month knows about the Kinder Morgan transaction. Let’s start the school year by focusing more broadly on the MLP space. Aside from saying that a r...
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