Alerian maintains the following indices: the Alerian MLP Index (AMZ), the Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index (AMZI), the Alerian Natural Gas MLP Index (ANGI), the Alerian Large Cap MLP Index (ALCI), the Alerian Equal Weight Index (AMZE), and the Alerian Energy Infrastructure Index (AMEI). The Alerian Index Series is used for the purposes of asset allocation, investment analysis, portfolio hedging, and the creation of index tracking funds.

Alerian aims to provide unbiased MLP benchmarks that are both investable and replicable for stakeholders. Alerian does not use a “black box” system to select constituents. Alerian focuses on a rigorous methodology so that those companies that are the best indicators of price discovery and market value are included in its indices. Alerian believes that it is important for the methodology that stands behind each of its indices to be completely transparent and available so that you can replicate the process we use to design, construct, and maintain each of our indices.

Alerian does not provide financial advice to clients, which allows us to provide truly objective benchmarks. An independent advisory board of auditors, MLP executives, institutional fund managers, legal partners, and other senior financial professionals reviews and approves all modifications to methodology to ensure that they are made objectively and without bias.

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Alerian MLP Index Series Fact Sheet (PDF)
as of December 31, 2013