Alerian Insights

Alerian Insights

If a Producer Goes Into Bankruptcy, How Will That Affect Midstream Contracts?

Today we’ll discuss how producer bankruptcy could affect midstream business.

Introducing the Energy MLP Classification Standard (EMCS(SM))

Last week, Alerian announced the Energy MLP Classification Standard, the first framework designed to standardize the sector classifications of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

What Are Some Examples of Alternative Financing Options Available to MLPs?

Today we’ll discuss three common sources of alternative financing in a distressed market. ...

What a Difference a Year Makes

December contained one of the worst weeks in MLP history. The world of MLPs and energy infrastructure has changed remarkably in just one year....

What’s the Update on Fracking?

Today we discuss recent news related to the EPA’s assessment of hydraulic fracturing....

Free Pass to the Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference and Exhibition

Email us today to receive your free pass to the Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference and Exhibition. ...

The 12 Days of MLP Christmas

It’s Christmas week! Today we put an MLP spin on an old favorite to get you in the spirit....

Why Is the FERC Index Methodology Changing from PPI + 2.65% to PPI + 1.23%?

The FERC has established a new five-year oil-pipeline index methodology....
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