US Energy Exports: How MLPs Help Meet Growing Demand in Asia

As US oil and natural gas production grows, the end destination for these hydrocarbons will increasingly be overseas. Energy infrastructure will be needed to support exports, providing growth opportunities for MLPs and energy infrastructure companies.

Is Self-Funding an MLP Pipe Dream?

Self-funding has become a buzzword in the MLP space, but is it really translating to MLPs’ capital plans? In today’s post, we discuss the reasons MLPs are shifting towards self-funding and examples of...

The Permian: Is Producer Pain Midstream’s Gain?

Having received several questions on the Permian Basin lately, we’ll dive into what’s been going on with production and price differentials, when pipeline capacity is expected to be added, and what it...

Are MLPs Really Disappearing?

Are MLPs facing extinction? It seems premature to make the call that we’re seeing a wholesale conversion from the MLP to C-Corp model, but the midstream space is evolving and that has implications for...

Mailbag: FERC, Reorgs, and Catalysts — Three Popular MLP Questions with Three Simple Answers

I try to explain things to my three-year-old in the simplest terms possible. Today, I’m going to break down three of the most-asked questions we’ve recently received from MLP investors in a way that...

Storage, Oil Backwardation, and Implications for MLPs

With the shift in the oil curve from contango to backwardation, storage has been more in focus lately. Today we’re discussing oil storage, oil curve backwardation, and the implications for MLPs with...

Distribution Coverage: Perhaps a Pleasant Surprise?

How do coverage ratios look for AMZI constituents? You may be pleasantly surprised at the data for 4Q17 and 4Q16.
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