Message in a Bottle (from the EnerCom conference)

A narrow intensive midstream focus may provide deep infrastructure knowledge, but it can lack broader context. For midstream nerds, here’s some upstream perspective from the EnerCom conference, as well as a reminder of the wider opportunities.

MLP Distribution Recap: 2Q16

Today we look at two Alerian indices to discover how many MLPs grew, maintained, or cut distributions in Q2 2016.

Can Midstream Contracts Survive Bankruptcy Court?

Earlier this year, a bankruptcy court rejected a few midstream contracts based on the absence of horizontal privity to prove a covenant running with the land. Today we’ll touch on the Sabine case,...

How to Evaluate an MLP Joint Venture

As MLPs exit the energy downturn, JVs have become a popular method not just of self-preservation, but also of securing otherwise-impossible growth opportunities. Here’s what to consider when an MLP...

Fact or Fiction? MLPs Have Been Unable to Issue Equity

Today we’ll identify which large cap MLPs have recently issued equity and briefly discuss the implications behind the data.

What Happened in July: Consolidation and Conservative Moves

As MLPs play through the chess game of the energy cycle (now entering the consolidation phase), they’re making conservative moves: keeping distributions flat, selling assets to raise cash, and keeping...

The Future of Oil Pipeline Tariffs

The FERC index methodology changes have been implemented. Today we’ll talk about how long the current index level is in place and if there is any wiggle room for tariffs in the event of market changes.
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