First MLP IPO in 14 Months, Is This the Start of a New Beginning?

Last week we saw the first MLP IPO since June 30, 2015. Today we’ll talk about the newest member of the MLP family and take a quick look back at MLP IPO history.

The Dakota Access Pipeline: Desperately Needed or Devastatingly Destructive?

Everyone is talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Today I’ll outline why its making headlines and consider the implications for future pipeline projects.

Jerry Jones, Mrs. Jones, and the Jones Act

Most of us have heard of the Jones Act and may have done enough research to understand it’s not related to Jerry Jones, the Counting Crows, or Billy Paul’s “Me and Mrs. Jones.” But what does the Jones...

What Happened in August: MLP Management Teams Focus on the Future

Less pessimism isn’t quite optimism, but as MLPs and MLP investors look to (and make decisions for) 2017 and beyond, the crystal ball may soon start to clear.

The Half Full Montney

The potential opportunity in Montney Shale belies the lack of buzz it receives in the US. Some infrastructure has already been built, but regulatory concerns (among others) are currently preventing it...

Final MLP Regulation Rumblings From the IRS

In March 2014, the IRS initiated a MLP PLR pause while it reviewed exactly which activities fell within the bounds of Section 7704. A year later in March of 2015, the IRS announced the end of the...

Message in a Bottle (from the EnerCom conference)

A narrow intensive midstream focus may provide deep infrastructure knowledge, but it can lack broader context. For midstream nerds, here’s some upstream perspective from the EnerCom conference, as...
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