How Alerian Chooses Energy MLP Classifications

Alerian’s Energy MLP Classification Standard (EMCS) categorizes MLPs by sectors. Today we’ll talk about how we determine these classifications and answer some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding our system.

How Moody’s Recent Midstream Energy Methodology Changes Will Affect MLPs

An investment grade rating is a much-coveted asset for MLPs. Last month, Moody’s released an updated methodology for Midstream Energy. Today’s post addresses the changes since the last methodology...

Waiting on a Quorum: Why New Natural Gas Pipeline Projects Aren’t Getting Approved

With only a couple of members, the FERC is unable to approve new natural gas pipelines. Trump recently nominated two Republican commissioners to join the team. Today I’ll tell you who they are and...

Takeaways From PAA’s Analyst Day

Last week I visited Minute Maid Park for PAA’s analyst day. The company shared “one, two, three” reasons why they’re far from out of the MLP ballgame.

MLP Distribution Recap 1Q17: Still Recovering One Year After the Bottom

Today we look at how many MLPs in the AMZ and AMZI grew, maintained, or cut distributions in 1Q 2017.

Will the Proposed Tax Reforms Spell the End of MLPs?

MLPs aren’t corporations, so a lowered corporate tax rate won’t directly impact them (a 0% tax rate is pretty much as low as you can go). However, changes in the corporate tax rate could make MLPs...

Permania: Why the Permian Is Where the Party At

Everyone is talking about the Permian. MLPs are announcing projects right and left in the area. What makes it so special?
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