Will the Proposed Tax Reforms Spell the End of MLPs?

MLPs aren’t corporations, so a lowered corporate tax rate won’t directly impact them (a 0% tax rate is pretty much as low as you can go). However, changes in the corporate tax rate could make MLPs...

Permania: Why the Permian Is Where the Party At

Everyone is talking about the Permian. MLPs are announcing projects right and left in the area. What makes it so special?

Visual Data: MLP Treemaps 2.0

People often say a picture is worth a thousand words. Treemaps are a great way to visualize the MLP space and to better understand the sizes of various companies. Today we’ll look at the Energy MLP...

Finding MLP Maintenance Expenditures

Finding out how much your favorite MLPs spend on maintenance shouldn’t be an epic adventure akin to Disney’s “Finding Dory.” Today I’ll talk about how to find the number in the 10-K and then what to...

How Pipeline Companies Strive for Safety

The approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline was mired in controversy. Today we’ll talk about pipeline safety and how companies work to ensure the integrity of the lines moving our nation’s oil and gas.

The SCOOP and STACK Are Heating Up With Positive Implications for Midstream MLPs

As upstream focuses on the SCOOP and STACK in Oklahoma, midstream plans to provide additional pipelines and takeaway capacity.
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