MLP Gas Pipeline Projects Near Approval

During the past six months, for the first time in 40 years, the FERC didn’t have enough members to form the quorum required to approve natural gas pipeline projects. When two new members were sworn in last week, many companies waiting for project approval began breathing easier. Today we’ll talk about some of the pipelines awaiting a green light from the FERC and discuss comments from the acting chairman regarding the approval timeline.

Is the MLP Model Still Relevant?

Given that consolidation in the MLP space is not entirely balanced by the few IPOs and the continued government support of the structure, the questions remain: is this just the growing pains of a...

How Trump’s Fracking Rule Repeal Affects MLPs

Political chatter regarding Trump’s repeal of Obama’s fracking rule made headlines last week. Although never put in effect due to litigation, the regulations affecting hydraulic fracturing on Federal...

The Upside of MLP Distribution Cuts

Growing distributions were once a cornerstone of the MLP story. As times have changed, many investors have begun putting more emphasis on balance sheet stability and conservatism. Is distribution...

The Next Generation of MLP IPOs

It’s no secret that MLPs have had a bumpy ride over the last couple of years and some MLP investors worry that the model may be dwindling. Today we’ll discuss how recent PLRs and the potential for new...

Did You Know? All MLPs Are Ineligible to Be in the S&P 500

MLPs are not eligible for the S&P 500. Today we’ll discuss the possible reasons for the exclusion and talk about options for adding MLPs to your portfolio.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Examining the MLP Yield to Treasuries Spread

Two years ago, we looked at the AMZ spread to treasuries chart and discussed what the above average yield spread might mean. Today we’re revisiting the yield spread analysis. Has anything changed in...
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