The SCOOP and STACK Are Heating Up With Positive Implications for Midstream MLPs

As upstream focuses on the SCOOP and STACK in Oklahoma, midstream plans to provide additional pipelines and takeaway capacity.

What’s Happening in MLPs: Differentiating Between Equity Offerings

Three recent MLP secondary equity offerings show that investors are still differentiating between MLPs—a positive sign for the industry.

Is Increased Fuel Efficiency a Risk to MLPs?

With news of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards being reviewed, we’ve been talking about fuel efficiency quite a bit in recent days. Many investors worry that increased fuel...

Energizing American Maritime Act: A Way to Energize Employment?

The recently introduced Energizing American Maritime Act has some investors wondering what the impact might be on marine transportation MLPs.

Why Small Scale MLP M&A Should Not Be Ignored

Everyone loves an MLP announcement of a huge deal that will transform the company. Don’t forget that the smaller acquisitions, little adjustments to capital structure, and testing-the-waters JVs also...

MLP Distribution Recap: 4Q16

Today we look how many MLPs in the AMZ and AMZI grew, maintained, or cut distributions in 4Q 2016.

Finding Value in MLP IDRs

IDR elimination has been the latest trend in MLP simplification. The value investors (and GPs) place on them depends on the individual company and its outlook. Sometimes free is the right price.
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