Understanding MLP GP Models

On the heels of the Plains All American Pipeline (PAA) and Plains GP Holdings (PAGP) simplification announcement, we’ve received many questions about MLP GP models. Today I’ll discuss the types of publicly traded GP structures in existence today and the significant considerations related to each.

Retrospective: The First Six Months

Time flies and sometimes we neglect to notice the small changes that have added up to something remarkable. Be it a Trump nomination, a child’s first steps, or MLPs returning to their roots, the first...

Pipelines in REITs? Real Estate in MLPs?

The existence of pipeline REITs and real estate MLPs has some investors confused. Today, I’ll discuss the two structures and explain why one model might be more efficient in certain circumstances than...

Pokémon, PAA, and PAGP

The new mobile game Pokémon Go has taken America by storm. The best Pokémon strategies are also some of the best MLP and investing strategies. The PAA/PAGP simplification deal can even be understood...

SCOOP and STACK, Bend and Snap

You may have heard others mention the SCOOP and STACK and assumed they were talking about a late night dinner at iHop consisting of a scoop of ice cream and a stack of pancakes. Unfortunately, the...

What Happened in June: MLPs Started Announcing Projects Again

Amidst Brexit and merger headlines, one of the most fascinating stories of June got lost: MLPs (among others) are again announcing organic growth projects.

Donald vs Hillary: The Energy Policy Debate

Only five months to go before we’ll elect a new president. Now that we’ve narrowed it down to two candidates, let’s discuss the contenders’ stances on the hot topics.
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