Finding Value in MLP IDRs

IDR elimination has been the latest trend in MLP simplification. The value investors (and GPs) place on them depends on the individual company and its outlook. Sometimes free is the right price.

Trump Up to BAT

Lots of discussion has swirled around the border adjustment tax in recent days. Today I’ll explain what it is and the potential effects it could have on midstream energy.

How Trump is Changing the Face of the FERC

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is in a transition period. With new leadership, new nominees, and new projects to approve, we’ll talk about what this means for midstream business.

What Happened Last Week: The MLP Impact of Trump’s First Ten Days

In the first hours of the Trump administration, executive orders were issued fast and furiously while many citizens protested and the market celebrated. Here’s what happened.

Despite Trump’s Freeze, Regulations for MLP Qualifying Income Are Finalized

The final regulations for MLP qualifying income were published to the Federal Register last week. We’ll discuss the biggest changes from the proposed regulations and if these new rules are written in...

MLPs Sit at the Head of the Table

For the first time in 5 years, MLPs finally outperformed the S&P 500. They’ve also held their place as the top performer on a 10-year annualized basis. To see performance relative to other asset...

What Happened Last Week in MLPs: Consolidation and Simplification Highlights the Waning Importance of Dropdown Stories

Having a strong sponsor and dropdown story are no longer enough to outperform in the MLP space. As announcements by DPM and MPLX highlight, IDR elimination is what everyone wants to see.
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