Crude Spreads Here, There, and Everywhere – What it Means for Midstream

With widened crude spreads across North America, it’s easy to make a case for the need for more pipeline infrastructure. But if crude spreads narrow in places like the Permian as pipelines start up, does that mean growth prospects for midstream have narrowed too? Keep reading.

Water in the [Mid]Stream: How Water Flows Generate Cash Flows

You were probably taught that oil and water don’t mix, but as oil production grows, water will play an increasingly important role. Today, we look at the water services opportunity for midstream.

With the US Exporting 20% of its Oil Production, What Midstream Companies Could Benefit?

US crude exports are poised for continued growth as US oil production grows. Today, we look at recent export-focused project announcements. We also look at factors that may impact crude exports from...

MLP Summer Recap Video

If you’ve been on vacation or mentally been on vacation this summer, we’ve put together a brief video to give an update of what’s been happening in the MLP space, including MLP performance,...

MLP Distribution Coverage: How and Why It’s Changed

How has distribution coverage changed over time, and what factors have impacted coverage? Today, we look at historical coverage ratios for the current constituents of the AMZI index and takeaways from...

2Q18 Recap and the Barbell Profile of MLP Distribution Growth

Most MLPs in the AMZ and AMZI grew their distributions sequentially in 2Q18, with no cuts this quarter. Nine constituents of the AMZ achieved double-digit year-over-year growth, while a similar number...

Alerian Explains It All: C Corps, MLPs, and the Midstream Indices That Contain Them

Think C Corps make up the vast majority of the midstream universe? Think again. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the current state of midstream companies in the context of Alerian’s suite of midstream...
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