FERCtastic: What MLP and Midstream Investors Should Know about the FERC

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) likely stays at the back of midstream investors’ minds, with a notable exception in March 2018. Since then, many investors have taken a more wary view of the Commission. Today’s piece provides an overview of FERC’s oversight of pipelines and LNG export facilities and hopefully helps dissolve any lingering fears.

MLP Consolidation Part 2: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in Midstream and Investor Implications

Having discussed MLP consolidations at the company level last week, this week’s piece provides a broader view of the midstream universe. Should the changes in the investment landscape impact your...

MLP Consolidation Part 1: The Nearly Departed

Recent news flow has revived the MLP consolidation conversation, even as anticipated transactions have largely been completed. Which MLPs are going away, and which MLPs are potential consolidation...

What’s Been Driving Oil Price Volatility?

Oil prices have been volatile over the last few months, with the price of WTI crude briefly falling into a bear market near $51 per barrel in early June before recovering to almost $60 per barrel...

Is US Energy Independence On Its Way?

As the US prepares to celebrate Independence Day, it seems fitting to discuss the progress that has been made towards achieving energy independence. The US is expected to soon become a net energy...

Have MLPs and Midstream Actually Reduced Leverage?

Reducing leverage has been a theme across midstream for some time, but have midstream MLPs and C-Corporations actually delevered? Today, we examine leverage metrics from 2016 to 2018 for the current...

Energy Investing Showdown: Midstream/MLPs vs. Majors vs. Broader Energy

Investors often ask us how midstream compares to other common energy holdings. Today, we compare MLPs and midstream with the majors and broader energy both quantitatively and qualitatively to help...
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