Have MLPs and Midstream Actually Reduced Leverage?

Reducing leverage has been a theme across midstream for some time, but have midstream MLPs and C-Corporations actually delevered? Today, we examine leverage metrics from 2016 to 2018 for the current North American midstream universe. Whose positioning has improved, who has seen leverage increase, and what are the broad implications of leverage reduction? Today’s post answers these questions.

It’s 2019. Is Your MLP or Midstream Investment Still Working for You?

With the start of a new year, it may be a good time to re-evaluate your MLP and midstream investment options. Are you getting the yield you want? Are you getting the representation you want? Does your...

Back to Basics: The MLP and Midstream Investment Thesis

With no shortage of volatility in oil and the broader market recently, today we get back to the basics by revisiting the broad investment thesis for MLPs and midstream. We set aside yields and the tax...

Natural Gas Prices Go on a Wild Sleigh Ride but Production Up and to the Right

While oil prices have been making headlines, natural gas prices recently awakened from a “long winter’s nap,” moving up nearly 50% in November before pulling back 27% from their recent peak. Today,...

Christmas Karyl: Last Christmas

If this year’s Christmas Karyl is any indication, the 2018 holidays are going to be something special. Given all the consolidations we’ve seen this year, we’ve put a satirical spin on Wham!’s classic,...

2019 Midstream Outlook Video

Take a break from last-minute holiday shopping and peppermint mochas to find out whether midstream will be naughty or nice in 2019. In this short video, we provide a 2019 outlook for midstream...

Bye, Bye, Bye (MLPs) Revisited: MLP Consolidation Entering Late Innings

Since we last discussed MLP consolidation, significant headway has been made in terms of transaction announcements. We provide an update to the three parts of our series from this summer – who’s...
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