It’s 2019. Is Your MLP or Midstream Investment Still Working for You?

With the start of a new year, it may be a good time to re-evaluate your MLP and midstream investment options. Are you getting the yield you want? Are you getting the representation you want? Does your investment align with the tax nature of your account? Today, we break down MLP investment options.

Bye, Bye, Bye (MLPs) Part 3: What’s an Investor to Do?

In today’s post, we break down what the changes in the MLP space mean for MLP investors and whether MLP investors should be concerned based on their investment objective. We also discuss the broader...

Bye, Bye, Bye (MLPs) Part 2: Who Could Be Saying Bye?

In part 2, we look at those MLPs that are potential candidates for reorganization. Specifically, we discuss MLPs that have made comments about simplification, structure, or addressing incentive...

Bye, Bye, Bye (MLPs) Part 1: Who’s Saying Bye and Why?

There have been several developments since we last wrote on the topic of MLPs disappearing and much to discuss. In today’s post, we digest the reorganization announcements seen this year, the...

FERC Finalized Rule Positive for MLPs; Cue the Relief Rally

FERC finalized its policy rule for natural gas pipelines as it relates to tax changes yesterday after market close. The final rule provides additional clarity and is also less punitive towards MLPs...

US LNG Exports Part 2: How Do LNG Exports Benefit Midstream?

In today’s post, we discuss how LNG exports increase infrastructure demand. We also discuss how LNG exports facilitate natural gas production growth, with broad benefits for midstream companies and...

US LNG Exports Part 1: Capacity Jumping in 2019, but Will There Be Enough?

The US is on the brink of adding significant LNG export capacity next year and becoming a sizable player in the global LNG market, but will US LNG exports be enough for a global market facing a...
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