Oil Hub Hubbub: Is Houston the New Cushing?

Energy observers have been quick to question Cushing’s relevance, given growing Permian production that largely bypasses Cushing, increasing export volumes, and new Houston crude contracts. Is Houston the new Cushing? We probably wouldn’t go that far, but both hubs play an important role.

MLP and Energy Infrastructure Conference Recap: Dissecting the Disconnect with Fundamentals

Last week, we attended the MLP and Energy Infrastructure Conference hosted by the Master Limited Partnership Association in Orlando. Today’s note includes key takeaways.

1Q18 MLP Distribution Recap: Several Growers Overshadowed by Two Cuts

While most MLPs in the AMZ and AMZI grew their distributions for 1Q18, there were two notable distribution cuts.

US Energy Exports: How MLPs Help Meet Growing Demand in Asia

As US oil and natural gas production grows, the end destination for these hydrocarbons will increasingly be overseas. Energy infrastructure will be needed to support exports, providing growth...

Is Self-Funding an MLP Pipe Dream?

Self-funding has become a buzzword in the MLP space, but is it really translating to MLPs’ capital plans? In today’s post, we discuss the reasons MLPs are shifting towards self-funding and examples of...

The Permian: Is Producer Pain Midstream’s Gain?

Having received several questions on the Permian Basin lately, we’ll dive into what’s been going on with production and price differentials, when pipeline capacity is expected to be added, and what it...

Are MLPs Really Disappearing?

Are MLPs facing extinction? It seems premature to make the call that we’re seeing a wholesale conversion from the MLP to C-Corp model, but the midstream space is evolving and that has implications for...
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