Water in the [Mid]Stream: How Water Flows Generate Cash Flows

You were probably taught that oil and water don’t mix, but as oil production grows, water will play an increasingly important role. Today, we look at the water services opportunity for midstream.

Distribution Coverage: Perhaps a Pleasant Surprise?

How do coverage ratios look for AMZI constituents? You may be pleasantly surprised at the data for 4Q17 and 4Q16.

Enough About Oil, What About Natural Gas?

While rangebound prices have perhaps made natural gas an afterthought for energy infrastructure investors, the combination of growing supply and growing global demand is fundamentally positive for...

The Evolution of MLP and Energy Infrastructure Products

Similar to how the MLP space continues to evolve, so does the landscape for MLP and energy infrastructure pooled access products. Today’s post walks through this evolution and provides context for...

Should Midstream Steel Itself for Steel Tariffs?

With steel tariffs in the spotlight and steel being a critical material for energy infrastructure, it seems like a good time to discuss steel uses in energy, price trends, and the impact to midstream...

MLPs Sell Off on Today’s FERC Policy Revision – Warranted or Not?

We don’t believe the impact of today’s policy revision from the FERC is as extreme as the initial market reaction indicated.

MLP Structural Simplifications: Part 2 – IDR Eliminations

In recent years, we’ve seen MLPs move to eliminate IDRs, as several management teams have acknowledged that IDR structures become unsustainable over time. In today’s post, we look at how IDR...
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