FERCtastic: What MLP and Midstream Investors Should Know about the FERC

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) likely stays at the back of midstream investors’ minds, with a notable exception in March 2018. Since then, many investors have taken a more wary view of the Commission. Today’s piece provides an overview of FERC’s oversight of pipelines and LNG export facilities and hopefully helps dissolve any lingering fears.

Oil Prices: The Bull Case, the Bear Case, and Wildcards That Could Throw Off Everything

Today, we discuss the oil price volatility from the last six months and lay out both the bullish and bearish arguments for prices from here. We also discuss some of the potential wildcards, including...

Midstream Credit Ratings: Making the (Investment) Grade

Who is making the (investment) grade in midstream? Today, we look at credit ratings for the broad North American midstream universe as well as the weightings of companies with investment-grade credit...

19 for ’19: Midstream EBITDA Guidance Reflects Strong Outlook

Can an investor have growth and attractive income in one investment? With midstream, the answer is yes based on 2019 EBITDA guidance for nineteen companies. Midstream’s expected growth and how it...

US LNG Exports: The Who, What, Where of Projects and Why China Relations Matter

Today, we revisit US LNG exports. What projects are starting up in 2019-2020? What projects have been green lighted for construction or are nearing the start of construction? What about the impact of...

MLP 4Q18 Distribution Coverage … Now Featuring Payout Ratios!

Can MLPs afford their distributions? Today, we answer that question by looking at both distribution coverage for the traditional MLP investor and payout ratios for those wanting to evaluate MLPs with...

4Q18 MLP Distribution Recap: 41 MLPs and Just One Cut

The majority of AMZ and AMZI constituents grew their distributions sequentially for 4Q18 with only one distribution cut.
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