MLP University

MLP University

Welcome to the MLP University! We’ve designed our curriculum for both new and experienced investors. Please see the courses below to get started.

Why MLPs? - A succinct introduction to MLPs presented as an infographic

Why MLPs

Never heard of MLPs before? Alerian provides you with a quick introduction to the appeal of Master Limited Partnerships in the form of a simple infographic.

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Classification Standard - The first classification framework for Energy MLPs


The Energy MLP Classification Standard (EMCSSM) is the first framework designed to standardize the sector classifications of energy Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

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MLP 101 - A beginner's guide to MLPs

MLP 101

This section is designed for people that are brand new to the MLP space or those that simply want a refresher. Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs, are companies engaged in the transportation, storage, processing, and production of natural resources. When most investors think about MLPs, they focus on midstream energy MLPs—those companies involved in transportation, storage, and processing. These toll-road business models benefit from benign federal regulation and generate consistent cash flows. An investment in midstream MLPs is an investment in the build-out of North American energy infrastructure over the next several decades.

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MLP 201 - A deeper understanding of the nuances of MLPs

MLP 201

This section of the MLP University is intended for people who have worked through MLP 101 or people who already have a solid understanding of the MLP asset class. Our 201 section is designed to provide readers with a deeper understanding of the nuances behind the MLP business model and expand their knowledge beyond the basics offered in most MLP 101s.

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Applied MLPs - MLP investment options and considerations

Applied MLPs

The incredible breadth of MLP investment product selection is due to the wide variety of aspirations and risk tolerances investors have for their MLP allocation. This section is intended to help investors distinguish between and sort through the various investment products.

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Energy Value Chain - How energy travels from the ground to your home


The energy value chain has three distinct segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream. This interactive infographic walks you through each part, explaining how oil and natural gas move from the wellhead to your home, and every step along the way.

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Figures and Tables - Alerian’s most requested charts and graphs

Figures and Tables

These charts and graphs are some of our most requested and frequently cited. We are happy to make them available for general use by the investing community, whether for personal use in making an investment decision, presenting to clients interested in MLPs, or speaking at a conference. We are thrilled you’ve chosen us as your MLP information provider and respectfully request that Alerian is cited whenever these charts are used.

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MLP Screener - A sortable table of all MLPs


A comprehensive list of MLPs. Wondering what the highest yielding MLP is? Not sure when that company had its IPO? Not sure how to categorize a particular MLP? Check it out here. All the information at your fingertips.

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Study Abroad - Other industry resources

Study Abroad

Already read everything on our site and thirsty to learn more? Check out these other resources for primary source information, a variety of opinions, and even more granular data.

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White Papers - Long-form research papers


In Alerian’s efforts to help investors make informed decisions about MLPs and energy infrastructure, it highly prioritizes objective, transparent, and useful research. Below are the long-form white papers written as a result of these efforts.

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Glossary - Commonly referenced terms and acronyms


Every industry has its jargon. If we’ve used a term or abbreviation on this site and you don’t recognize it, check here.

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