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A comprehensive list of energy MLPs. Wondering what the highest yielding MLP is? Not sure when that company had its IPO? Not sure how to categorize a particular MLP? Check it out here. All the information at your fingertips.

TickerNameSectorClose PriceYieldDistr TypeTax FormMkt CapAMZAMZIAMEI
AMAntero Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$28.165.2%TraditionalK-1$5,264xx
AMGPAntero Midstream GP LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$18.281.6%TraditionalK-1$3,404x
AMIDAmerican Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$11.1514.8%TraditionalK-1$1,048
ANDXAndeavor Logistics LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$44.848.9%TraditionalK-1$9,738xxx
APUAmeriGas Partners LPMarketing | Retail$40.939.3%TraditionalK-1$3,806x
ARLPAlliance Resource Partners LPProduction + Mining | Coal$18.0511.3%TraditionalK-1$2,363x
ATLSAtlas Energy Group LLCProduction + Mining | Hydrocarbon$0.050.0%TraditionalK-1$2
BKEPBlueknight Energy Partners LPStorage | Liquids$3.5516.3%TraditionalK-1$143
BPLBuckeye Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$38.6513.1%TraditionalK-1$5,679xxx
BPMPBP Midstream Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$21.404.9%TraditionalK-1$2,242
BSMBlack Stone Minerals LPMineral Interest$18.366.8%TraditionalK-1$3,968
BWPBoardwalk Pipeline Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$10.753.7%TraditionalK-1$2,691xx
CAPLCrossAmerica Partners LPMarketing | Wholesale$17.3414.5%TraditionalK-1$591
CCLPCSI Compressco LPServices | Midstream$6.2612.0%TraditionalK-1$264
CCRCONSOL Coal Resources LPProduction + Mining | Coal$15.9012.9%TraditionalK-1$438
CELPCypress Energy Partners LPServices | Upstream$6.6712.6%TraditionalK-1$79
CEQPCrestwood Equity Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$30.407.9%TraditionalK-1$2,382x
CLMTCalumet Specialty Products Partners LPRefining | Petroleum$7.300.0%TraditionalK-1$561
CNXMCNX Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$19.116.6%TraditionalK-1$1,215
CPLPCapital Product Partners LPMarine Transportation | Petroleum$3.0910.4%Traditional1099$431
CQPCheniere Energy Partners LPOther | Liquefaction$32.696.1%TraditionalK-1$15,822xx
CVRRCVR Refining LPRefining | Petroleum$21.906.4%VariableK-1$3,232x
DCPDCP Midstream LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$40.167.8%TraditionalK-1$5,755xx
DKLDelek Logistics Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$29.1010.0%TraditionalK-1$709
DLNGDynagas LNG Partners LPMarine Transportation | LNG$8.0321.1%Traditional1099$285
DMDominion Energy Midstream Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$14.708.7%TraditionalK-1$1,915xx
DMLPDorchester Minerals LPMineral Interest$18.906.9%VariableK-1$610
EEPEnbridge Energy Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$10.0114.0%TraditionalK-1$3,528xx
EMESEmerge Energy Services LPProduction + Mining | Frac Sand$8.540.0%VariableK-1$264
ENBLEnable Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$15.088.4%TraditionalK-1$6,523x
ENLCEnLink Midstream LLCGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$16.656.2%Traditional1099$3,012x
ENLKEnLink Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$16.499.5%TraditionalK-1$6,720xx
EPDEnterprise Products Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$28.026.1%TraditionalK-1$60,554xxx
EQGPEQT GP Holdings LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$25.013.9%TraditionalK-1$6,657x
EQMEQT Midstream Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$54.177.6%TraditionalK-1$4,365xx
ETEEnergy Transfer Equity LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$16.927.2%TraditionalK-1$19,597x
ETPEnergy Transfer Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$18.9811.9%TraditionalK-1$22,093xx
EVEPEV Energy Partners LPProduction + Mining | Hydrocarbon$0.130.0%TraditionalK-1$6
FELPForesight Energy LPProduction + Mining | Coal$3.666.6%TraditionalK-1$522
FGPFerrellgas Partners LPMarketing | Retail$3.7310.7%TraditionalK-1$362
GELGenesis Energy LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$22.259.2%TraditionalK-1$3,226xx
GLOPGasLog Partners LPMarine Transportation | LNG$23.708.8%Traditional1099$972x
GLPGlobal Partners LPMarketing | Wholesale$17.1510.8%TraditionalK-1$583
GMLPGolar LNG Partners LPRegasification$20.5111.3%Traditional1099$1,444x
GPPGreen Plains Partners LPStorage | Liquids$16.8011.2%TraditionalK-1$534
HCLPHi-Crush Partners LPProduction + Mining | Frac Sand$14.305.6%TraditionalK-1$1,275x
HEPHolly Energy Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$29.868.7%TraditionalK-1$3,143xx
HESMHess Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$20.156.4%TraditionalK-1$1,099
HMLPHoegh LNG Partners LPRegasification$18.359.4%Traditional1099$604
KMIKinder Morgan IncPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$16.073.1%Traditional1099$35,451x
KNOPKNOT Offshore Partners LPMarine Transportation | Petroleum$20.2510.3%Traditional1099$738
KRPKimbell Royalty Partners LPMineral Interest$19.507.4%VariableK-1$322
LGCYLegacy Reserves LPProduction + Mining | Hydrocarbon$8.010.0%TraditionalK-1$616
LNGCheniere Energy IncOther | Liquefaction$62.760.0%Traditional1099$14,915
MCEPMid-Con Energy Partners LPProduction + Mining | Hydrocarbon$2.170.0%TraditionalK-1$115
MICMacquarie Infrastructure CorpStorage | Liquids$37.0215.6%Traditional1099$3,140x
MMLPMartin Midstream Partners LPStorage | Liquids$14.8013.5%TraditionalK-1$569
MMPMagellan Midstream Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$69.465.3%TraditionalK-1$15,850xxx
MPLXMPLX LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$36.106.7%TraditionalK-1$29,768xxx
NAPNavios Maritime Midstream Partners LPMarine Transportation | Petroleum$3.9842.5%Traditional1099$83
NBLXNoble Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Petroleum$51.463.8%TraditionalK-1$2,041x
NEXTNextDecade CorpOther | Liquefaction$6.460.0%N/A1099$687
NGLNGL Energy Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$10.7514.5%TraditionalK-1$1,516xx
NRPNatural Resource Partners LPMineral Interest$32.305.6%TraditionalK-1$395
NSNuStar Energy LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$22.7719.2%TraditionalK-1$2,122xx
NSHNuStar GP Holdings LLCPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$12.7017.2%TraditionalK-1$545x
OCIPOCI Partners LPCatalytic Conversion$10.274.2%VariableK-1$893
OKEONEOK IncGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$66.274.7%Traditional1099$27,213x
OMPOasis Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas$19.417.7%TraditionalK-1$534
PAAPlains All American Pipeline LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$24.784.8%TraditionalK-1$19,698xx
PBFXPBF Logistics LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
PSXPPhillips 66 Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum0.0%TraditionalK-1$0xxx
RHNORhino Resource Partners LPProduction + Mining | Coal0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
RMPRice Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas0.0%TraditionalK-1$0xx
SDLPSeadrill Partners LLCServices | Upstream0.0%Traditional1099$0
SEMGSemGroup CorpPipeline Transportation | Petroleum0.0%Traditional1099$0x
SEPSpectra Energy Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas0.0%TraditionalK-1$0xx
SGUStar Group LPMarketing | Retail0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
SHLXShell Midstream Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum0.0%TraditionalK-1$0xxx
SMLPSummit Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas0.0%TraditionalK-1$0x
SNMPSanchez Midstream Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
SPHSuburban Propane Partners LPMarketing | Retail0.0%TraditionalK-1$0x
SRLPSprague Resources LPMarketing | Wholesale0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
SUNSunoco LPMarketing | Wholesale0.0%TraditionalK-1$0x
SXCPSunCoke Energy Partners LPCatalytic Conversion0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
TCPTC PipeLines LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas0.0%TraditionalK-1$0xx
TEGPTallgrass Energy GP LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum0.0%Traditional1099$0x
TELLTellurian IncOther | Liquefaction0.0%N/A1099$0
TEPTallgrass Energy Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum0.0%TraditionalK-1$0xx
TGPTeekay LNG Partners LPMarine Transportation | LNG0.0%TraditionalK-1$0x
TLPTransMontaigne Partners LPStorage | Liquids0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
TOOTeekay Offshore Partners LPMarine Transportation | Petroleum0.0%Traditional1099$0
TRGPTarga Resources CorpGathering + Processing | Natural Gas0.0%Traditional1099$0x
TTENTitan Energy LLCProduction + Mining | Hydrocarbon0.0%N/A1099$0
UANCVR Partners LPCatalytic Conversion0.0%VariableK-1$0
USACUSA Compression Partners LPServices | Midstream0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
USDPUSD Partners LPOther | Rail Terminaling0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
VLPValero Energy Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum0.0%TraditionalK-1$0x
VNOMViper Energy Partners LPMineral Interest0.0%VariableK-1$0x
WESWestern Gas Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas0.0%TraditionalK-1$0xx
WGPWestern Gas Equity Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas0.0%TraditionalK-1$0x
WLKPWestlake Chemical Partners LPCatalytic Conversion0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
WMLPWestmoreland Resource Partners LPProduction + Mining | Coal0.0%TraditionalK-1$0
WPZWilliams Partners LPGathering + Processing | Natural Gas0.0%TraditionalK-1$0xx

  • Yield: Indicative Yield
  • Mkt Cap: Market capitalization in millions
  • Distr Type: Traditional MLPs will typically pay steady distributions while variable distribution MLPs may pay out varying amounts every quarter
  • Tax Form: Describes the type of document a company will distribute to its unitholders/shareholders for tax reporting purposes. Companies taxed as partnerships will send out a Schedule K-1 while companies taxed as corporations will send out a Form 1099.
  • Real-time statistics are updated daily and are provided by Alpha Vantage
  • Other periodic statistics are updated at each rebalancing
  • Updated as of the April 26, 2018 special rebalancing

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