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  • Three Reasons to Consider Midstream/MLPs
    In addition to generous income, the midstream/MLP space provides real asset exposure in an inflationary environment and total-return potential supported by robust free cash flow generation. Watch this three-minute video for three reasons investors should give midstream a second look in the current market environment.
    Thus far in 2020, the equity price performance and elevated yields for midstream and MLPs paint a different picture than what may be drawn from fundamentals. Yields remain high, yet 2Q payouts were steady. Equity prices are well below levels from early January, but forward earnings estimates have only seen modest revisions. Midstream has the potential to generate significant free cash flow, yet it feels underappreciated. Watch our brief summer recap video for an update on the space and a discussion of potential catalysts.  
    With the collapse in oil prices sending shockwaves through the energy sector in March and April, midstream has stood out for its relative resilience. Watch our three-minute update video for a discussion of some of the key factors driving defensive midstream performance, including more stable cash flows. The relative stability of the midstream business model has allowed many companies to maintain attractive payouts, as the space continues to offer investors healthy income in addition to diversification and real asset exposure.
    How will midstream fare in the new decade? Watch our three-minute 2020 Midstream Outlook video for a recap of 2019 and a look ahead to some key trends for this year, including growing energy production and exports, free cash flow generation, and potential catalysts.
    With the dog days of summer coming to a close, what should midstream and MLP investors know before we head into the fall? Watch this short video for a recap of 2Q19 results, recent M&A activity, company-level improvements, and potential catalysts for the rest of the year.