• Happy Birthday, AMZ!

    06/01/15 | Karyl Patredis

    On June 1, 2006, Alerian launched the first real-time index to track MLP performance, the Alerian MLP Index (AMZ), which today remains the leading gauge of energy MLPs. The 50 constituents in the float-adjusted, capitalization-weighted index capture approximately 75% of total energy MLP market capitalization.

    Fun AMZ Facts:

    • In 2006, the 50 names in the AMZ had a combined market capitalization of $102 billion. Today, the combined market capitalization is $363 billion.
    • Of the 50 companies in the AMZ in June 2006, 23 of those names are index constituents today.


    • What happened to the other 27 names?

    •14 are no longer in existence due to M&A
    •6 are still in existence, but were removed in the course of rebalancing
    •5 are no longer eligible due to changes in methodology
    •1 went private
    •1 filed for bankruptcy

    • Since 2006, EPD, WPZ, ETP, and MWE have each seen their index weighting increase by at least 4%. A chart of the 10 companies with the highest weight increase is below:


    • If AMZ had a baby book, this would be page three:

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