Index Licensing

The Alerian Index Series are utilized to manage funds and structured products based on or linked to the indices. These investment vehicles include tracking funds, OTC products, derivatives, and exchange-listed products. Any use of Alerian data requires a license.

Exchange-traded products tracking an Alerian index
Sponsors of exchange-traded products such as ETNs, ETFs, UITs, closed-end funds, and other listed products require a license to track the index, sales literature, and related regulatory documentation.

Managing funds following an Alerian index
If a fund or separately managed account program tracks the performance of an Alerian index, a license is required from Alerian to use the index and/or refer to the name of the index in marketing materials or other documentation.

Other index-related products, including OTCs
A license is required to create fixed income, derivatives, swaps, and other OTC products whose underlying constituents or performance are linked to the value of an Alerian index, and for all use of the Alerian name or that of one of its indices in the marketing of the product.

License fees vary according to the type of product.

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