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The Alerian Midstream Screener puts the entire midstream space at your fingertips. The Screener makes it quick and easy to identify infrastructure companies by Yield, Structure (MLP or C Corp), Sector and Market Cap.

TickerNameSectorMkt CapClose PriceYieldMidstreamStructureTax Form
KNTKKinetik Holdings IncGathering & Processing
AMAntero Midstream CorporationGathering & Processing
BKEPBlueknight Energy Partners LPStorage$186$4.533.8%YesPTK-1
CEQPCrestwood Equity Partners LPGathering & Processing
CQPCheniere Energy Partners LPLiquefaction$22,647$46.796.0%YesPTK-1
DCPDCP Midstream LPGathering & Processing
DKLDelek Logistics Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$2,097$48.298.1%YesPTK-1
DTMDT Midstream IncPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$4,974$51.425.0%YesCorp1099
ENB.TOEnbridge IncPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$111,406$55.016.3%YesCorpT5
ENLCEnLink Midstream LLCGathering & Processing
EPDEnterprise Products Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$55,653$25.467.3%YesPTK-1
ETEnergy Transfer LPPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$28,899$10.726.5%YesPTK-1
ETRNEquitrans Midstream CorpGathering & Processing$3,284$7.108.5%YesCorp1099
GEI.TOGibson Energy IncStorage$3,785$25.885.7%YesCorpT5
GELGenesis Energy LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$1,503$10.165.9%YesPTK-1
GPPGreen Plains Partners LPStorage$279$12.0014.7%YesPTK-1
HEPHolly Energy Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$1,801$17.088.2%YesPTK-1
HESMHess Midstream LPGathering & Processing
KEY.TOKeyera CorpGathering & Processing
KMIKinder Morgan IncPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$39,838$17.606.1%YesCorp1099
LNGCheniere Energy IncLiquefaction$32,911$130.471.0%YesCorp1099
MICMacquarie Infrastructure Holdings, LLCStorage$0$3.780.0%YesCorp1099
MMLPMartin Midstream Partners LPStorage$159$4.100.5%YesPTK-1
MMPMagellan Midstream Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$11,116$49.398.4%YesPTK-1
MPLXMPLX LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum
NEXTNextDecade CorpLiquefaction$695$5.760.0%YesCorp1099
NGLNGL Energy Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$218$1.690.0%YesPTK-1
NSNuStar Energy LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$1,859$14.0411.4%YesPTK-1
OKEONEOK IncPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$26,514$59.696.3%YesCorp1099
OMPOasis Midstream Partners LPGathering & Processing
PAAPlains All American Pipeline LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$8,336$10.436.9%YesPTK-1
PAGPPlains GP Holdings LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$2,715$10.986.6%YesPT1099
PBFXPBF Logistics LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$917$14.708.2%YesPTK-1
PEA.VPieridae Energy LtdLiquefaction$90$0.570.0%YesCorpT5
PPL.TOPembina Pipeline CorpPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$26,769$48.671.7%YesCorpT5
RTLRRattler Midstream LPGathering & Processing
SHLXShell Midstream Partners LPPipeline Transportation | Petroleum$5,435$13.828.7%YesPTK-1
SMLPSummit Midstream Partners LPGathering & Processing
SNMPEvolve Transition Infrastructure LPGathering & Processing
TELLTellurian IncLiquefaction$1,229$3.810.0%YesCorp1099
TRGPTarga Resources CorpGathering & Processing
TRP.TOTC Energy CorpPipeline Transportation | Natural Gas$64,841$68.985.2%YesCorpT5
TWM.TOTidewater Midstream and Infrastructure LtdGathering & Processing
USDPUSD Partners LPRail Terminaling$146$5.458.9%YesPTK-1
WESWestern Midstream Partners LPGathering & Processing
WMBThe Williams Companies IncGathering & Processing

  • Yield: Indicative yield
  • Mkt Cap: Market capitalization in millions
  • Tax Form: Describes the type of document a company will distribute to its unitholders/shareholders for tax reporting purposes. Companies taxed as partnerships will send out a Schedule K-1 while companies taxed as corporations will send out a Form 1099.
  • Structure: Corporation (Corp) or Partnership (PT)
  • Real-time statistics are updated daily and are provided by Alpha Vantage
  • Other periodic statistics are updated at each rebalancing
  • Updated as of December 7, 2021

The accuracy and/or completeness of any Alerian index, any data included therein, or any data from which it is based is not guaranteed by Alerian, and it shall have no liability for any errors, omissions, or interruptions therein. Alerian makes no warranties, express or implied, as to results to be obtained from use of information provided by Alerian and used in this service, and Alerian expressly disclaims all warranties of suitability with respect thereto.